The art of being alone

Be good company for yourself
We all have an inner critic, which can be heard at various moments. It is a degrading voice: “This you do not do well, that has to change, you ask for anything, no one loves you, therefore you are alone.” Be kind to yourself. Believe that annoying voice. Tell yourself that you’re doing well. Be pleasant company for yourself. Learn to be your own best friend. Listen to what you really need. Get to know yourself better.

Difficult feelings and grief give recognition

Sadness that is experienced calls for calm. The recognition of what is in your stirring, makes you a whole man. Nothing lasts forever. Why not take the time to understand what is going on inside you? It feels good when you get insight into yourself. You do not always to seek advice from one another, to learn again how to proceed with your life. It’s fine if another you understand and accept in you and in your feelings, but if the other person is not there, or else has not experienced what you have experienced, you will be thrown back on yourself. Acknowledge the reality of your situation and accept what is. Only after acceptance can come change.

The dynamics of action and rest

In the dynamics of existence are the moments or days or even periods of being alone, just take action, or just unwind indispensable. Life has its ups and downs. After joy comes sorrow after sorrow comes joy again. After activity is the period of rest and recovery necessary. After the summer, the winter, and then entering a new spring. After inhalation, the exhalation. These are natural processes, if you touch it here and look at getting you win a lot. Stress and illness are less likely.

The beauty of peace
It is good to discover the beauty that in mind, the breath after exercise, can be found. Who knows how good sport can feel your body when you feel after the activity, the relaxation in your body to rest. It all has to do with appreciation of the natural processes that are part of life.

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