We are what we believe we are

We always have the choice of how we see ourselves, others and the world around us. We have the choice whether we feel inner peace or war. We have the choice whether we experience love or fear.

Self-image and reality

Most of us find it difficult to live in a world that often seems an insane asylum. Many of us have tried all their life to keep things in hand and to predict. What we were looking for, we never seem to find it. Instead, we often feel in some way frustrated, depressed or ill, whether we are in pain. Our worldview and self-image are constructed from our past experience that we live again and again in the present, where we expect the future will be pretty much the same as the past. Our current optics is so much colored by the past that we have the things that are going on in our lives without distortion or restriction can see. But we can, if we are willing, our ideas about who we are literally under the microscope and gain a new and deeper awareness of our true identity.

The past, the future and the NOW

We are all unlimited and to experience this feeling of total freedom, it is important that we come off our preconceived notions of past and future and choose in the immediate sense of the life. Freedom also means that we do not confine ourselves to the reality as it seems limited by our sensory perceptions. Freedom allows us to participate in the love that we share with everyone. Love can be considered as the total absence of anxiety. Although we all need love, not many of us seem able to experience it. Our guilt and fears from the past to block us to love in the present and to receive. Fear and love can never be experienced simultaneously. It is always our choice which of these two emotions we wish. By becoming more consistent choosing love over fear, we can change the nature and quality of our relationships.

Love or Fear
We always express one of these two: love or fear. Fear is essentially a cry for help and is thus a demand for love. It is clear that in order to find peace, to see that we do have a choice in determining what we see. Many of our other attempts to “correct”, even if we think we give constructive criticism, are essentially attempts to attack them by showing that they are in the ‘wrong’ and we are in the “right” end. Let us speak of the love we give an example of attack behavior?

If others do not change according to our expectations, we are inclined to give them the blame, and thus we give a lot of food to our own faith in debt. Inner peace we receive when we do not want to change, but just accept them as they are. Actual acceptance has no requirements or expectations.

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